Behind the Scenes of The Wilder Coast. Scott Everett Photo

Behind the Scenes of The Wilder Coast. Scott Everett Photo

This is the author speaking. If you're reading this, I want to thank you. I can't tell you how powerful it is to throw myself into these posts....and then have them read. I love it. This blog is my whole reason to be right now.

Whether you know me in person, vaguely know me, know of me through a friend, or you're a total stranger (for now), you are so very welcome to read, leave comments, interact, and introduce yourself. (You're also welcome to remain forever anonymous!)

Blogs currently have a funny role in society. Although increasing hugely in popularity, they haven't quite lost their stigma. I hear a lot of, "My friend reads you blog, but she doesn't know you, so she thinks she's being creepy." I just want to dispel the rumor that there's anything wrong with reading my work if you don't know me. I spend many, many,many hours dreaming up posts, writing, sketching, editing, rewriting, and editing photos, hoping that you will read it. I am honored that you do. I know that whatever I put up on the internet will be looked at. Even when it's personal, there is nothing private about it.

My goal is to continue to create content that is worth your time. Because you are busy, and work hard, and your personal time is gold.

Once a year, I ask readers to consider donating to The Wilder Coast. Believe it or not, keeping this site running with a constant stream of fresh content takes about 35 hours a week, if not more.  And of course, for those hours I don't receive a dime. I am trying hard to keep The Wilder Coast a pure experience, without advertisements or payed 'product review' content. Your donation can make that possible.

Do you enjoy reading The Wilder Coast? Do you ever find empathy, humor, support, or comradery in these posts? How about entertainment? Do you just scroll through to look at the photos? Enjoy a 5 minute work distraction with your late morning coffee break? If so, consider donating today to help keep it going.

A suggested donation is $13.00, but anything helps. Click the button on the left side bar to pay by paypal or credit card. 

To those who donate, I will send each of you a personal, handwritten Wilder Coast card, professionally produced using images from the site. I mail these cards to your billing address. This is more than just a scrawled thank you- I'll write you a full on letter expressing my gratitude.

Because supporting one another is the whole reason we're here, right?

Please give if you can. If you can't, you can always help by just sharing this blog with anyone you think may enjoy reading.

And, again, thank you.

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Scott Everett Photo

Scott Everett Photo