All in 2 weeks and an update

The leaves are going off and I'm recovering from an accident involving my mountain bike and a car. That's right, I sprained my illial-sacral joint while throwing my bike on top of my car. I've had to take it slow in the exercise department, so enjoy the many (many) photos of leafy walks. 

My days begin at 5:30 or 6:00am. I like to study before my classes in the one Cafe that is open at such an ungodly, albeit peaceful, hour.  Not pictured here are the mornings spent sitting in a lecture room, and the many, many hours in the academic tutoring center at school, scowling over problems of enthalpy. It's not terrible though, I've made one friend. Her name is Maggie. 

Following class, I take the dog into the woods, wander through grocery stores for leisure, get three strides into long run, remember that I really dislike running, continue at a slow walk. I crank out 5 hours of lab, meet friends for a beer, go home, go to bed, stay awake all night regretting the beer. We get out hiking when we can, play cards and shuffleboard, I try and cook, I get depressed when another meal turns out weird. I clean the kitchen over and over and over. I fret about my figure, my weak arms, and my bank account. I fall into bed at nine, watch old SNL episodes and pray for sleep. It comes about half the time. 

Sometimes Dave and I run errands. We shop for groceries or hunt through Good Will. During those times I feel a warm contentment wash over me, and I feel like I'm floating. Like I'm made of air. I am very poor right now and my life is so lovely. 

I just thought I'd give a snapshot of things right now, because I haven't in a while. 

1. North Carolina backroads 2. Monopoly Deal on our porch- I've never won 3. Fifty beers on tap at the new bar down the road 4. dog in leaf pile 5. Erich visited during a break from med school and we hiked along the parkway 6. an impromptu fancy cocktail date 7. I like being outside with him, also inside 8. a Vermont worthy tree 9. I fell in love with this shirt from Holdfast Outfitters, a local Asheville company 10. the game that reminds us all of college 11. Voted! 12. Farm Burger with Molly and Yonton- who is one of the reasons I moved to Asheville in the first place. 

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All in 2 weeks

1. finally cooler weather 2. alone with the bike 3. the dog loves Wednesday ultimate games 4. heading towards the crag in the Obed, TN 5. early autumn sunlight on the approach trail 6. in the blue ridge for the night 7. weekend of rock 8. lymph system, cardiac system, immunity, thermodynamics, enthalpy and limiting reactants 9. a cold night 9. the best view 10. Nell climbing back after a fall 11. run therapy with Kelli along the French Broad River

All in 2 weeks

1. fighting flu season 2. on a trail somewhere after class 3. a caveman feast in the countryside- hands, knives and goblets only 4. lots of raw food lately 5. without her I'd be glued solid to my text book 6. Wednesday ultimate- losing by a lot in a little rain, Ryan turns to drinking 7. Caveman games 8. coffee & chemistry at 5:30am  is, absurdly, a combination I've grown to like (stockholm's syndrome?) 9. post lab farmers' market 10. zonked out on the ultimate field 11. a rare, long, precious solo ride  

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All in 2 weeks : Embracing Social Atrophy

My friend Ryan, who recently graduated from law school while working a more than full time job (and planning the world's most elaborate theme parties) told me to 'embrace social atrophy' while I'm in school.  Which is something I most certainly did not have to do in college. Fiction writing is an easier degree than anything math or science. For me. Probably for everyone.

My first step in embracing the atrophy of my social life, muscles, and general photogenic quality of my existence, is to admit that I don't have enough interesting photos from each week to warrant a weekly round up.

However, I don't want this period of my life to go undocumented completely, nor do I want to shrink down to a lonely pea. So I'm hoping to get out into the wilds a suitable amount to be able to post photos every two weeks.

As soon as I wrap up school, publish my book or win the lottery, I'll be back to my regularly scheduled All in a Week. Here's hoping.

1. north carolina mountain state fair at night 2. we flew to Jersey for 48 hours 3. sunday's hike 4. the 100 hour chemistry assignment 5. this beautiful cocktail hour at Nell's house 6. Lee, our porch, a violent storm 7. at the gates 8. my 3rd season of Asheville ultimate started up 9. southern style bakery 10. northern style bakery in NJ,  I was so excited I bought a pound of cookies & 2 cannolies 11. fair fish

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all in a (studious) week

Things have changed. Sometimes I go backwards in this blog and look at the 'all in a week' posts from last year. So many activities, so many landscapes, each one matched with the perfect alcoholic apres.

Now? Lots of conversion factors and fluorescent lights. The AB tech math lab followed by private tutoring night-capped with my kitchen table flooded in paper. Not much alcohol as it appears I have interstitial cystitis and I pay dearly for every drink I drink. I found that out this week.  

I don't think the Urologist office will make the post because I could not get a fun-feeling photo out of that place. I tried.

I suppose that's what makes this weekly photo roundup interesting to me, though. How things change.   
1. 94 degree days every day, the dog slouches through her walks 2. my highlighter broke open in my mouth 3. chemistry 4. celebrated one year! 5. weekend in Durham 6. bent creek trails as the sun goes down 7. I saw one friend this week, she made me dinner, I remembered that I like having friends. 8. the dog cooling off 9. late night at Cosmic Cantina with Dave's oldest friends 10. my 'quick ride before studying' became a two hour doozy when I got fantastically lost. 

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All in a week

1. beautiful blue ridge mountains 2. return to algebra- my first day of math tutoring 3. long ride on my last day of summer 4. I made spring rolls. this is not a food blog. but I made them 5. the dog in her mountain nest 6. we are down to the tiny details in the new house!!! 7. queen of the wild blueberries 8. hiking black balsam knob 9. I just really liked this twirly thing 10. lakeside picnic for Dave's school 11. Kelli rides through the green, humid Bent Creek 12. it's much hotter than Seattle, and there aren't bodies of water at the end of every block. Finding swimming spots is my latest challenge. 

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all in a week

First week back in Asheville after a while, first 'all in a week' after a really long while.

1. a short, sweet visit with Charles and Sarah 2. late summer afternoon on the river 3. fitting in as many long, woodsy walks with the dog as I can before school starts 4. solo art show by the talented Kati Bird 5. back on the bike at bent creek 6. breakfast at Sunny Point 7. rewards after long days of house projects 8. farmers market haul 9. wine wednesday with all. of. the. dietitians. 

all in a week

1. the green race 2. brilliant biking weather 3. visit from Seattle friends on a cold night 4. a new trail through the experimental forest 5. boot camp workout inside....getting too dark to bike after work 6. sunny West Asheville afternoon 7. ready for a road trip....leaving tomorrow! 8. bright creek boats clutter the bottom of rapid transit at the end of the race 9. halloween circus performer 10. asheville brewing company with ultimate players after a long, cold, windy, miserable double loss 11. tiny dancer for halloween

And a bonus- Gorilla Safety:
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All in an (amber) week

Amber visited me all the way from Seattle. She brought my climbing rope as a carry on just to return to me. That's a true friend. Here's a glimpse of our week. 
1. sweater weather at max patch 2. champagne ginger cider at the newly open Urban Orchards in west asheville 3. Amber's first sun-soaked mountain bike ride 4. monday afternoon corn holing 5. disgruntled with the Gneiss at Rumbling Bald 6. just what it looks like 7. after the Wolf Branch trail....she might be hooked 8. a portrait of our afternoon the day we did very little 9. me and Erich at the Wedge 10. she can absolutely crush 11. girly finds downtown 12. running through Tennessee 

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All in an (autumn colored) week

1. the trails here feel endless 2. cold enough for hand warmers and morning cappuccinos 3. she can sprint full speed for three laps of the beginning trail, then she'll fall instantly asleep in the car  4. Saturday morning 5. mid-week work days at Waking Life 6. camping coffee 7. at this month's book club, we learned to Twerk from an instructional video 8. bon fire in a big field for the full moon 9. bath time 10. easy winding trails and shorter days 11. Wednesday night ultimate- we won a game wearing matching lime green socks. 

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As they say on The Moth, I hope you have a story worthy week.

All in a week

1. hometeam and the lucky lady 2. sunshine Rapid on the Green River 3. arlo misbehaving 4. autumn stroll after work with Erich and Kristen 5. wednesday night ultimate, lately losing a lot 6. inversions at Max Patch with Molly, after this I kicked her in the face 7. meeting Melody Joy for beer and music in Black Mountain 8. tuesday late night silks, learning knee hooks and mid air inversions 9. wet trail and green sunlight 10. one of my favorite Heel Click Around The World outtakes. 

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Have a happy, active, hyperbolized week everyone, I'll try try and do the same. 

All in a week

1. breakfast at Over Easy 2. first day of fall league ultimate 3. saturday bouldering 4. exploring Bent Creek with the dog 5. fireside book club with Urban Orchards cider 6. lost at Rumbling Bald 7. front porch peach pie 8. cold Rangers after mountain biking 9. the very end of the explorer's trail on a borrowed bike drinking 10. endless honey ginger and lemon concoctions....and we're still sick   

All in a week

1. our favorite ride at the Country Fair, we rode it twice 2. this was an impressive sit start  3. watching the ICF world championship of freestyle kayaking- France had the best cheering section 4. an evening of Mela, margaritas, and reading alone 5. I think this place will be perfect for after ultimate games 6. lunch date with Kristen 7. David at the fair with his rapid-ripped hands 8. running through humidity at Bent Creek with Kelli- I made us walk a lot 9. an international gentlemen's intermission at Worlds 10. jewel tones at the pie shop 11. grandmother mountain, where the whiskey flows (literally, the whole flask spilled) and the women are strong 

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all in a week & all in your week

1. Jason Craig showing me the boulders at the Nantahala Gorge 2. traveling again 3. dave in flight at the Linville 4. my second week of silks 5. Dane Jackson wandering through rocks 6. the iced lattes at Waking Life are shaken, not stirred 7. tuesday night girls grill-out 8. Kristen showing me the neighborhoods 9. worked all day on this one problem, didn't get it 10. Erich and a copper ale on a rainy night 
All in Your Week

I asked you on Instagram to label your favorite summer adventure photos with the hashtag #wildercoast. Here are some of my favorites from the last few weeks. I'm excited to see your colorful autumn adventures, so keep getting after it, and keep tagging your photos. 

all in a (first) week

1. the dog's first encounter with a butterfly 2. the new gym is quiet 3. french 76's at Imperial Life 4. bouldering at Rumbling Bald 5. breakfast downtown 6. Kristen gets...low? 7. a wall in my old home of fayetteville, WV 8. the mountains to sea trail 9. spending lots of time with her 10. first day of Aerial arts 11. Yonton welcomes me to Asheville 

All in a (transient) week

1. peach pie in the Amish Country of Shipshewana, Indiana 2. south dakota green 3. nici soaking in the lolo hotsprings 4. the dog gets her first taste of highway freedom 5.homemade margaritas in Missoula 6. this is mostly what my week looked like 7. Margot upside down 8. this boy takes his Gentlemen's intermission in Morgantown, West Virginia 9. Bright Butte 10. Seth bouldering at Cooper's rock 11. the loneliest laundromat of all times in South Dakota 

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All in a week

1. the scariest rope swing on earth 2. Portland 3. summer evening kite flying 4. driving home from Idaho 5. mellow Saturday night in Rip's backyard 6. cooling off 7. summer Ella 8. 4th of July with my first friend in Seattle 9. heaven on the Sky 10. roadside Jeneen outside of Hailey, Idaho 11. riverside 

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All in a week

1. Bryan at the top of the Apron 2. drinking Johnny and Junes 3. running through cotton puffs 4. Saturday night at the Brewery in Squamish 5. on the wall in a wind storm 6. summer running on Lake Washington 7. perfect camping evening with oatmeal stouts 8. a night out with Kristin 9. waiting out a rainy day in BC 9. unroped 10. Amber shows up with flowers

All in a week

1. when Will is in Washington 2. weekday night on the beach 3. Rip on Castle Rock 4. Bonfire for the return of our friends 5. So visits! 6. Seth and I attended a Belltown party for Northwest Avalanche Center volunteers (remember the grand spectacular?) 7. the occasional vertical tuesday evening 8. camping with Molly by Icicle Creek 9. my office in the midst of multi tasking 10. drying out in Leavenworth 11. Squamish dreams, omelettes  

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All in a week

1. we stumbled across a ghost town in Ritzville, Eastern Washington 2. evening out in Belltown 3. a first attempt at my early summer project in Post Falls, Idaho 4. the last night with my roommate, who took all the furniture 5. climbers try to make sense of class 6 rapids 6. Irish jam night at Conyr Byrns with Curry, who just left for Alaska 7. take your stuffed snake to the beach in a rainstorm day was thoroughly enjoyed by all 8. exploration at a new crag  9. the long drive home 10. dance break at a gas station 11. weekend at the lake house

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