You need to check this out! This is my friend Andrew Fleming making an unbelievable catch at the World Ultimate Club Championships in Prague last month. Andrew plays for Sockeye, the elite men's team in Seattle. I used to play for Riot, Seattle's elite women's team. Andrew and I and about 7 of our teammates used to live in side by side houses right on Ravenna park. When we weren't practicing, running track or traveling to tournaments, we'd play 'goaltimate' or 'mini' (ultimate) in the park, or sit around and talk about ultimate. Occasionally we'd throw parties, get drunk and REALLY talk about ultimate. Those were good times. I'm serious I'd go back in a heartbeat. And show off my six pack more. (If that would even be possible! Hey oh!)

Well now Andrew's gone and got himself famous. Current accolades (Stolen from Sockeye online because I can't keep track of them):
- Debuted on ESPN 7/27/10 as a highlight from Worlds
- Discussed on ESPN SportsNation as potential ESPY Award Winner
- On SportsNation Poll, 70% of viewers were impressed, and both hosts were wondering how 30% could not be impressed.
- On ESPN’s Top Ten Plays (7/28/10) as #1
- Featured on ABC’s “Winner’s Bracket” as the #1 seed, which pits top plays against one another in a tourney-style bracket format, and comes out the winner, beating clips from around the world!
- ESPN’s Top Play of the Week! (8/2/10)
- Featured on ESPN.com’s front page, AOL Video, Sports Illustrated online, Deadspin, Seattle Weekly online, Seattle PI online, and hundreds of blogs (including this one)

In the past few years, a lot of people have asked me what ultimate looks like in the highest level. Behold:

My favorite part is how Moses takes his picture afterward.
Andrew, I'm so proud of you!